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Ins & Outs of Gas Inserts

The ins and outs of Gas Fireplace Inserts by John Finan

Top 3 Considerations for Buying an Air Conditioner


Purchasing a brand new or replacement air conditioner can be a confusing task. Air conditioning our homes has gone from being an expensive luxury to a necessity in just one generation. If you are like the majority of our clients there are three main questions you have:

1. What does the SEER Rating mean?

Essentially the larger the SEER rating the more energy efficient the unit will be. As a rule the saving will be about 10% for every SEER rating. Example if you have an A/C unit from 1999 or older and upgrade to a 13 SEER you will save approximately 50% on electricity with the new unit. BE CAREFUL. This may sound like a lot but in Ontario we typically use our A/C units for a fraction of the year. You will want to discuss this with you comfort advisor and make the purchase that is right for you.

2. How loud is the unit?

This is a very important question that may not seem important at first. Picture yourself sitting in the back yard with friends and having the unit within earshot or settling down to sleep and having the unit kick on to cool you for the night. Air Conditioners are measured in Decibels:


3. How big is the unit?

Counter to what we would think the more energy efficient the Air Conditioner typical the larger it gets. The reason for this is simply the size of the cooling fan on the compressor must be larger to cool the unit without increasing the fan speed.


Making a purchase of a new furnace and Air Conditioning system will be a once every 20 year or so decision. So, take your time do research and ask lots of questions. In the end you will discover that the brand and product you choose is important, but the company that installs, warrantees and services the system is by far and away the most important factor in your decision.



— John Finan

Tips for Preventing Furnace Breakdowns

On February 5th John Finan appeared on Daytime London to discuss tips for preventing furnace breakdowns during extremely cold weather. John explores maintenance, filters, and other tips.