Given that the average house changes hands every eight years, rarely does a licensed electrician perform significant work in a house after it’s built.

This means many houses have accumulated a number of electrical hazards as a result of unqualified electrical work being done over the years.


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Fixture Installation

If you are renovating an entire bathroom or simply replacing fixtures you likely need help from a licensed plumber. Water damage from improper plumbing installation can cause many issues in your home from mold growth to structural damage.

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Leak Repair

Clogged drains and backed up toilets can cause chaos in the home and will quickly lead to bigger and more significant problems. Our team of licensed plumbers can diagnose and repair your toughest plumbing problems.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Finan Home Service’s Comfort Advisors can help you whether you require emergency water heater repair service or an all new tankless water heater for your home. View our Tankless Water Heater page for more details.

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