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Residential Furnace Installation in London, Ontario

As the cold season approaches in London, Ontario, it's crucial to ensure your home is equipped with a reliable heating system. Finan Home Service is here to offer top-notch furnace installation services, guaranteeing your comfort throughout the winter months. Our approach to installing a new furnace goes beyond merely keeping you warm; it lays the groundwork for energy efficiency, reliability, and your peace of mind.

Our team at Finan Home Service is proficient in the most advanced furnace technologies, presenting a variety of high-efficiency models that cater to your unique needs and budget. Whether you're updating an old system or installing a furnace for the first time, our skilled technicians collaborate with you to find the ideal solution. We put your satisfaction first, ensuring the installation process is seamless, and the results fulfill your heating demands.

Envision your home heated by a new, energy-efficient furnace that not only maintains consistent warmth but also lowers your energy expenses. With Finan Home Service, this vision becomes a reality. Our professional installation guarantees your furnace runs at maximum efficiency, providing optimal heating without excessive energy costs. The reassurance of having your heating system expertly installed and customized to your home's requirements is unmatched.

Don't let the chill of another winter affect your comfort. Contact Finan Home Service today to explore your furnace installation options. Our friendly team is ready to assist you through every step, helping you make an informed decision for your home. Book your consultation now and take the first step towards a cozier, more efficient home this winter.

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Four-Step Process for Finan Home Service Residential Furnace Installation Services

Consultation and Selection
Reach out to Finan Home Service to arrange a consultation. Our specialists will evaluate your heating requirements, discuss the available options, and assist you in choosing the perfect furnace that meets your home's needs and fits within your budget.

Pre-Installation Assessment
Prior to the installation, we conduct an in-depth assessment of your home's heating infrastructure. This involves reviewing your existing system for compatibility, ensuring the new furnace will integrate smoothly, and planning the installation process to minimize any impact on your daily activities..

Professional Installation
Our certified technicians proceed with the professional installation of your new furnace, adhering strictly to safety and efficiency protocols. We focus on a seamless fit with your home's heating system, enabling optimal performance right from the start.

Final Inspection and Guidance
Following the installation, we carry out a comprehensive inspection to verify that everything is functioning as it should. Additionally, we offer essential advice on how to operate your new furnace and maintain its efficiency over time. Our aim is to ensure you're completely satisfied and confident with your home's heating solution.

Why Choose Finan Home Service For Your Furnace Installation

Selecting the right service provider for your furnace installation in London, Ontario, is crucial, and Finan Home Service stands out as the leading choice. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, customized service approach, and dedication to ensuring your satisfaction set us apart as the go-to choice for discerning homeowners in the region.

Expert Guidance and Personalized Solutions Finan Home Service recognizes that every homeowner and their dwelling have distinct heating requirements. That's why our process begins with an in-depth consultation to fully grasp your specific needs and preferences. Our experts are here to navigate you through the selection process, helping you pick the most efficient and suitable furnace for your abode. We pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle, guaranteeing a personalized experience from the outset to the conclusion.

Superior Installation by Qualified Technicians Our crew of qualified technicians is proficient, armed with state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to ensure your furnace installation is executed flawlessly and efficiently. We observe stringent safety and quality protocols, ensuring your new furnace is installed properly and functions at optimal performance. Our meticulousness and dedication to top-notch service mean you can rely on us for a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Emphasizing sustainability and efficiency, Finan Home Service introduces the most recent high-efficiency furnace models that offer reliable warmth and help in reducing your energy expenses. Our ambition is to elevate your home's comfort while contributing to a greener environment and yielding more savings for you. Opting for us means choosing a future where comfort and efficiency coexist harmoniously.

Unparalleled Customer Support and Aftercare Our commitment to you extends beyond the installation. We provide extensive aftercare support, including maintenance advice and help with troubleshooting, to ensure your furnace operates perfectly for the long haul. Our approachable and professional team is always available, eager to assist with any inquiries or issues you might encounter. At Finan Home Service, your satisfaction is our utmost concern, and we strive tirelessly to fulfill it.

Opting for Finan Home Service for your furnace installation means partnering with a team genuinely invested in your comfort and welfare. Allow us to equip you with a cozy, efficient home this winter and for many seasons to follow.

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Our Furnace Installation Services in London, Ontario

Single-Stage Furnaces Installation

For those with traditional heating needs, our service encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of your home's heating requirements to ensure your new single-stage furnace meets your demands for warmth efficiently. Single-stage furnaces, known for their simplicity and effectiveness in maintaining comfort in larger homes, require careful installation to maximize efficiency and performance. Our technicians are proficient in setting up these systems, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your existing heating infrastructure to provide consistent, reliable warmth throughout your home.

Two-Stage Furnaces Installation

Our approach to installing two-stage furnaces is customized to leverage their advanced efficiency and comfort capabilities. These systems, which can adjust their output to more precisely match your heating needs, are perfect for homes with varying warmth requirements. Our team ensures that your two-stage furnace is installed with precision, optimizing its ability to provide a balanced, comfortable environment. We focus on detailed setup and calibration to enhance the unit's efficiency and your overall comfort.

Modulating Furnaces Installation

Modulating furnaces, which offer unparalleled efficiency and the ability to fine-tune heating output to exact specifications, demand a specialized installation technique. Our technicians are experts in configuring these advanced systems, ensuring the furnace and its variable-speed blower are perfectly aligned with your home's heating network. This meticulous installation process not only prioritizes the precise setup of the furnace but also optimizes your entire heating system to ensure maximum performance, energy efficiency, and consistent comfort across all areas of your home.

Check out our Tips for Buying a New Furnace video where John Finan explains the ins and outs of buying the best furnace for your home

Buying a new furnace shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. We know that your furnace is one of the hardest working and most valuable pieces of equipment in your home. For that reason you have all sorts of questions when deciding on which new furnace to buy, ranging from: “Which furnace brand is best” to “which furnace features should I be choosing?”

Finan Home Service carries an extensive line of new furnace options that include both Lennox high efficiency furnaces as well as Ruud high efficiency furnaces.

We also offer upfront pricing on all work, 24-hour live telephone support, guaranteed appointment time, and financing for those who don’t want to put off a more energy efficient or cost effective new furnace.

Your home’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning or HVAC System is much like your children, some will be on their way in their late teens and others will be living in the basement well into their thirties and beyond! Let us help you make the best choice for your home!

Available Heating Solutions

Available Heating Solutions - LENNOX SLP98


Introducing the Lennox SLP99 High Efficiency Furnace. Enjoy optimal warmth, energy savings, and quiet operation. Its eco-conscious design minimizes emissions for a cleaner atmosphere. Opt for comfort and efficiency with the Lennox SLP99.

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Available Heating Solutions - LENNOX SLP98


Introducing the Lennox EL297U High Efficiency Furnace. It offers top-tier warmth, energy efficiency, and quiet performance. Its eco-friendly design reduces emissions. Prioritize comfort and efficiency with the Lennox EL297U.

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Available Heating Solutions - LENNOX SLP98


Introducing the Lennox EL195U High Efficiency Furnace. Experience cozy warmth, energy savings, and quiet operation. Its eco-friendly design reduces emissions, for a cleaner environment. Choose comfort and efficiency with the Lennox EL195U.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your furnace is a key element of your home's heating system, tirelessly ensuring your living space remains warm and inviting. Knowing when it's time for a furnace replacement involves careful consideration of several factors, unique to each household's situation. Just like appliances, some furnaces may perform efficiently for many years, while others might require earlier replacement.

Deciding to install a new furnace is a substantial investment, with the potential to affect your home's comfort for upwards of 20 years. It's essential, then, to undertake detailed research and pose relevant questions before finalizing your choice. Modern furnaces are integral to comprehensive HVAC systems that not only heat your home but also improve air quality and overall comfort.

In choosing a new furnace, while the brand and model matter, the expertise of the installation and service provider is equally critical. The quality of the installation, along with warranty and service support, can greatly influence the efficiency and lifespan of your furnace. Opting for a service provider known for their reliability and excellence in after-sales support should be a top priority in your furnace installation process.

Installing a furnace yourself is generally not recommended unless you have specific technical knowledge and experience in HVAC systems. Here are several reasons why professional installation is advised

  1. Safety Concerns Furnace installation involves dealing with gas, electrical, and venting systems. Incorrect installation can lead to gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazards, and other serious safety risks.

  2. Technical Complexity Modern furnaces are complex machines that require a detailed understanding of HVAC systems, local building codes, and manufacturer specifications for correct installation.

  3. Tools and Equipment Professional installation requires specialized tools and equipment that most homeowners do not have access to.

  4. Permits and Inspections Many localities require a permit for furnace installation and subsequent inspections to ensure the system complies with local building codes and safety standards. Professionals are familiar with these requirements and can ensure compliance.

  5. Warranty Concerns DIY installation may void the warranty of your new furnace. Most manufacturers require installation by a certified technician to keep the warranty valid.

  6. Efficiency and Performance An improperly installed furnace may not operate efficiently, leading to increased energy costs and reduced comfort. Professionals ensure the system is correctly sized for your home and properly installed for optimal performance.

While it may seem cost-effective to install a furnace yourself, the potential risks, complexities, and long-term costs can outweigh the initial savings. Hiring a professional ensures safety, compliance, and efficiency, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment.

Yes, you can install a furnace in an old house, but there are several important considerations to take into account to ensure the installation is successful, safe, and efficient

  1. Assessment of Existing Infrastructure Older homes may have outdated or insufficient ductwork, electrical systems, and ventilation, which can affect the installation and operation of a new furnace. A thorough assessment by a professional is necessary to determine what modifications or upgrades are needed.

  2. Choosing the Right Furnace It’s crucial to select a furnace that is appropriately sized for the space. Older homes may have unique heating needs due to less efficient insulation and air leakage. A heat load calculation should be performed by an HVAC professional to determine the correct size.

  3. Upgrading Ductwork If the existing ductwork is old, damaged, or inadequately sized, it may need to be repaired, sealed, or replaced to ensure efficient heating and air distribution.

  4. Ensuring Proper Ventilation Modern furnaces require proper venting to expel exhaust gases outside the home safely. In older homes, it may be necessary to install new venting or update the existing venting system to meet current safety standards.

  5. Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations Older homes may not be up to current building codes. Professional installation will ensure that the new furnace system complies with local building codes and safety regulations, including obtaining any necessary permits.

  6. Energy Efficiency Considerations Installing a new, energy-efficient furnace in an old house can significantly improve comfort and reduce heating costs. However, to maximize energy efficiency, consider additional updates such as improving insulation, sealing air leaks, and upgrading windows.

  7. Professional Installation Due to the complexities and potential hazards associated with installing a furnace in an old house, it’s highly recommended to hire experienced HVAC professionals. They can address the unique challenges of older homes and ensure the installation is safe, efficient, and compliant with all regulations.

In summary, while installing a furnace in an old house involves extra considerations and potential challenges, it is entirely feasible with careful planning, the right equipment, and professional assistance. This upgrade can greatly enhance the home's comfort, energy efficiency, and safety.

In Ontario, the installation of a furnace involves strict adherence to building codes and safety standards, particularly when dealing with gas furnaces. While it's not illegal for a homeowner to install their own furnace, there are several important considerations

  1. Certification for Gas Furnaces If you're installing a gas furnace, you must be certified to handle natural gas and propane installations. Ontario requires technicians working with gas appliances to be certified by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Without this certification, a homeowner cannot legally install a gas furnace themselves.

  2. Electrical Work If the installation involves electrical work, it must comply with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Non-licensed individuals can do some electrical work on their own properties, but this work must be inspected and approved by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

  3. Permits and Inspections Installing a furnace typically requires a permit from your local municipality. The installation must be inspected to ensure it complies with the Ontario Building Code, local bylaws, and any other applicable regulations. This process is in place to ensure the safety and efficiency of the installation.

  4. Safety and Liability DIY furnace installation carries significant risks, including the potential for gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazards, and reduced system efficiency. Improper installation can also affect your insurance policy and could lead to claims being denied in the event of an incident related to the furnace.

  5. Warranty Concerns Many furnace manufacturers require installation by a certified professional for the warranty to be valid. A self-installed furnace may not be covered, which could result in significant out-of-pocket costs if repairs are needed.

Considering these factors, while it is technically possible to install a furnace yourself in Ontario, it involves navigating complex regulations and potential safety risks. For most homeowners, particularly those without specific training in furnace installation and the handling of gas appliances, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional. A certified technician will ensure that your furnace is installed safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all legal requirements, protecting your home and your investment.

Preparing for a furnace installation involves several steps to ensure the process is smooth, safe, and efficient. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to help you get ready for the installation of your new heating system

  1. Clear the Area

    • Remove Clutter Clear the area around the old furnace and the path to it. This means moving out any stored items, furniture, or obstacles that could hinder access to the installation site.

    • Provide Working Space Ensure there's enough space around the installation area for the technicians to work comfortably and safely. This typically means a few feet of clear space on all sides of the furnace.

  2. Verify Accessibility

    • Easy Access Make sure that the technicians can easily access your home and the installation site. This might involve securing pets in another room, unlocking gates, or even temporarily removing doors or gates if necessary to allow for equipment to be brought in.

  3. Prepare the Installation Site

    • Floor Protection Consider laying down protective coverings on floors along the path to the furnace area to prevent damage or dirt.

    • Ventilation Access If applicable, ensure that areas where ventilation will be installed or inspected are accessible.

  4. Check Electrical and Gas Connections

    • Safety First While the technical aspects of gas and electrical connections will be handled by the professionals, it’s good to ensure that your existing connections are in good condition and meet local codes. This may involve having a preliminary inspection or consultation if you suspect issues.

  5. Arrange for Permits

    • Permit Requirements In many jurisdictions, replacing a furnace requires a permit. While your HVAC contractor will often handle this, it’s important to discuss who is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits before work begins.

  6. Review the Installation Plan

    • Understand the Scope Before the installation day, review the plan with your HVAC contractor. Understand where the furnace will go, how it will be vented, and any changes to your ductwork or electrical system that may be required.

  7. Plan for Disposal

    • Old Furnace Removal Discuss with your contractor how the old furnace and any debris will be disposed of. This is typically included in the service, but it’s good to confirm beforehand.

  8. Ensure Home Comfort

    • Temperature Considerations Depending on the time of year, your home may be without heating for a period on the day of installation. Plan accordingly with blankets or portable heaters if necessary.

  9. Secure Pets and Children

    • Safety Measures For the safety of both your family and the installation team, make sure pets and children are kept out of the work area.

  10. Final Verification

    • Double-Check Details Confirm the installation date and time with your HVAC contractor, and make sure they have clear instructions on how to access your home if you cannot be there to greet them.

Preparing for a furnace installation not only facilitates a smoother process but also helps ensure the safety and efficiency of the installation. Taking these steps in advance can make a significant difference in the overall experience.

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Leanne Edwards
Jan 2, 2024

Hands down the best experience and customer service I have received in years. Glyn and Austin came out to help me within a couple of hours of calling for an electrician to figure out why I didn’t have power to my furnace. They were kind and explained every step of the process. I will only use Finan Home Service going forward for all issues that arise in my home. I cannot thank you enough!!

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Dean Johnson
Dec 28, 2023

Finana helped with our furnace when it was causing us issues. The team was extremely flexible and accommodating. The guys who came to help out were absolutely professional and super friendly. The team explained what was going wrong, what my options were, and didn't push or try to sell me anything I didn't need yet. When the time does come (hopefully longer than sooner) to replace my furnace there isn't another company I would even contemplate using.

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Aug 25, 2023

Had Finan come out to fix a broken drainage pipe in our bathroom. Turned out to be a bigger job thanks to the previous homeowner's terrible DIY plumbing skills. Spoke to Sam at the office who very quickly set me up with the right peeps. The guys came out and were able to fix/replace the problem in less than 4 hours. Super friendly and professional. Will recommend to anyone looking for home service. Thanks again.

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Laura Bechard
Jul 31, 2023

Great visit today from Connor and Cole! Friendly, informative, and great quality work and I am hard to please. Update: Had Connor back today to finish up the work. My new kitchen cabinets are going to look great and now the plumbing also looks great and allows for maximum storage under the sink. Quality work from a personable professional! Thank you!

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