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Residential Furnace Repair in London, Ontario

As the cold season approaches in London, Ontario, ensuring your home's heating system is reliable is paramount. Finan Home Service is here to provide exceptional furnace repair services, securing your comfort throughout the winter months. Our approach to furnace repair goes beyond just fixing immediate issues; it's about enhancing your system's energy efficiency, reliability, and ensuring your peace of mind.

The team at Finan Home Service is well-versed in the latest furnace technologies, capable of diagnosing and repairing a wide range of high-efficiency models to meet your specific needs and budget. Whether you're dealing with an aging system showing signs of wear or encountering unexpected furnace problems, our experienced technicians work with you to identify the best repair solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority, ensuring the repair process is smooth, and your heating concerns are thoroughly addressed.

Imagine your home comfortably heated with an efficiently running furnace that not only delivers consistent warmth but also helps reduce your energy bills. With Finan Home Service, this scenario is within reach. Our professional repair services ensure your furnace operates at its peak efficiency, offering optimal heating without the burden of high energy costs. The comfort of knowing your heating system has been professionally assessed and repaired, tailored to your home's needs, is unparalleled.

Don't let the winter chill compromise your comfort and safety. Reach out to Finan Home Service today to discuss your furnace repair needs. Our friendly team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring you receive the best advice and solutions for your home. Schedule your repair service now and take the first step towards a warmer, more efficient, and reliable heating system this winter.

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Four-Step Process for Finan Home Service Residential Furnace Installation Services

Initial Consultation and Diagnosis
Contact Finan Home Service to schedule a diagnostic appointment. Our experts will review your heating system's current condition, discuss any issues you're experiencing, and identify the root cause of your furnace problems. This step is crucial in determining the precise repairs needed to restore your furnace to optimal working condition, ensuring it meets your home's heating requirements efficiently and fits within your budget for repairs.

Detailed Evaluation
Before any repair work begins, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your furnace and heating system. This assessment covers checking for compatibility issues with existing components, ensuring that repairs will enhance system performance, and planning the repair process to minimize disruption to your daily life. Our goal is to identify all issues, both immediate and potential, to prevent future breakdowns.

Professional Repair Services
Our certified technicians will carry out the necessary repairs, adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. We are committed to resolving the root cause of the problem, using quality parts and materials to ensure a durable fix. Our team works diligently to ensure that your furnace is repaired correctly, restoring reliable and efficient heating to your home.

Comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance Advice
After completing the repairs, we perform a thorough inspection to ensure your furnace is functioning properly. We also provide valuable guidance on how to operate your furnace optimally and advice on regular maintenance practices to extend its lifespan and maintain efficiency. Our objective is to leave you fully satisfied with our service, confident in the reliability and performance of your heating system.

Why Choose Finan Home Service For Your Furnace Repair

When it comes to furnace repair in London, Ontario, Finan Home Service emerges as the premier choice. Our steadfast dedication to excellence, tailored service approach, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction distinguish us as the preferred provider for discerning homeowners across the region.

Expert Diagnosis and Customized Repair Solutions Finan Home Service understands that each homeowner and their heating system have unique challenges. That's why we start with a comprehensive diagnosis to identify the root cause of your furnace issues. Our experts guide you through the repair options, ensuring we address your system's specific problems efficiently and effectively. We take pride in offering customized repair solutions that align with your needs and budget, promising a personalized service experience from start to finish.

Professional Repair by Skilled Technicians Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure your furnace repair is conducted meticulously and efficiently. Adhering to strict safety and quality standards, we guarantee your furnace is repaired correctly, restoring optimal performance and reliability. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence mean you can count on us for a straightforward and trouble-free repair process.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Finan Home Service is dedicated to repairing your furnace in a way that enhances its efficiency, providing you with reliable heating and potential savings on energy bills. Our goal is to improve your home's comfort while also contributing to a healthier environment and offering you greater savings in the long run. Choosing us ensures a future where your comfort is achieved efficiently and sustainably.

Unmatched Customer Support and Follow-up Care Our service to you doesn't end with the repair. We offer comprehensive follow-up support, including advice on maintenance and troubleshooting tips, to ensure your furnace continues to operate smoothly over time. Our friendly and professional team is always just a call away, ready to assist with any further questions or concerns you may have. At Finan Home Service, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to achieve it.

Choosing Finan Home Service for your furnace repair means entrusting your comfort to a team that genuinely cares. Let us provide you with the warm, efficient home you deserve this winter and for many seasons to come.

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Our Furnace Repair Services in London, Ontario

Single-Stage Furnaces Repair

For homes equipped with the straightforward yet effective single-stage furnaces, our services include a thorough evaluation of your system to pinpoint and address any issues impacting its efficiency and performance. Single-stage furnaces, while known for their reliability in providing consistent warmth, may occasionally require adjustments or repairs to maintain optimal functionality in larger homes. Our skilled technicians are adept at diagnosing and fixing any problems, ensuring your furnace continues to operate smoothly and integrates seamlessly with your home's heating infrastructure.

Two-Stage Furnaces Repair

When it comes to the more complex two-stage furnaces, which offer enhanced efficiency and comfort by adjusting their output to match your heating needs, our tailored repair approach focuses on maintaining these systems' advanced capabilities. Whether your home experiences fluctuating temperature demands or you're seeking to optimize the furnace's performance, our team is equipped to make precise adjustments and repairs. We concentrate on fine-tuning the system and calibrating it to ensure it delivers a balanced and comfortable environment efficiently.

Modulating Furnaces Repair

The repair of modulating furnaces, known for their superior efficiency and the ability to adjust heating output with great precision, requires a high level of expertise. Our technicians are specialized in the complex systems of modulating furnaces, focusing on ensuring that every component, from the variable-speed blower to the furnace itself, is in perfect working order. This detailed repair process not only addresses specific issues but also aims to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system, ensuring it delivers consistent comfort and performance throughout your home.

At Finan Home Service, we believe in taking the necessary time to understand your situation thoroughly so that you get what you want and we don’t miss any important safety hazards in your home.

We help clients by solving immediate “break fix” problems or by providing quotations for future work that involve heating & cooling, electrical, electrical compliance certificate, plumbing, and service plans.

We also believe in providing prices for our products and services up-front, so that you, the homeowner, understand what’s involved before we get started.

If the problem in your home requires immediate attention or the problem can be solved by one of our technicians with the assistance of our “Warehouse on Wheels” then we will dispatch our technician to arrive at a guaranteed appointment time. When the tech arrives he or she will fully diagnose the situation and make the appropriate recommendations for solving this problem and avoiding future problems.

Furnace Repair

For this service we will charge a small dispatch fee. The fee will vary depending on the type of service required and our Client Service Representatives will be happy to go over all the fees when you book the appointment.

Many problems we are asked to quote on are non-emergencies or the work cannot be completed at the time of our service call.

Some examples of non-emergency work include:

In these situations we are happy to send a Comfort Advisor to your home at no cost (in most cases) and they will take the time to learn your situation and make recommendations with firm prices for the repairs.

These appointments can be booked to suit your schedule in most cases. Our Client Service Representative will be happy to book a convenient time for you.

Available Heating Solutions

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Available Heating Solutions - LENNOX SLP98


Introducing the Lennox EL297U High Efficiency Furnace. It offers top-tier warmth, energy efficiency, and quiet performance. Its eco-friendly design reduces emissions. Prioritize comfort and efficiency with the Lennox EL297U.

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Available Heating Solutions - LENNOX SLP98


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your furnace is a key element of your home's heating system, tirelessly ensuring your living space remains warm and inviting. Knowing when it's time for a furnace replacement involves careful consideration of several factors, unique to each household's situation. Just like appliances, some furnaces may perform efficiently for many years, while others might require earlier replacement.

Deciding to install a new furnace is a substantial investment, with the potential to affect your home's comfort for upwards of 20 years. It's essential, then, to undertake detailed research and pose relevant questions before finalizing your choice. Modern furnaces are integral to comprehensive HVAC systems that not only heat your home but also improve air quality and overall comfort.

In choosing a new furnace, while the brand and model matter, the expertise of the installation and service provider is equally critical. The quality of the installation, along with warranty and service support, can greatly influence the efficiency and lifespan of your furnace. Opting for a service provider known for their reliability and excellence in after-sales support should be a top priority in your furnace installation process.

The most common problem with furnaces, particularly as they age, is a failure to produce heat or insufficient heating. This issue can stem from a variety of causes, including

  1. Dirty or Clogged Filters One of the simplest yet most common issues is a dirty air filter, which can restrict airflow and reduce the furnace's efficiency. Over time, this can lead to overheating and even damage to the furnace.

  2. Ignition or Pilot Control Problems For gas furnaces, problems with the ignition system or pilot light can prevent the furnace from producing heat. This could be due to a faulty ignition system, a extinguished pilot light, or issues with the thermocouple.

  3. Thermostat Issues A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to problems with the comfort level, where the furnace doesn’t produce enough heat or heats the home unevenly. It can also cause the furnace to cycle on and off more frequently than necessary.

  4. Wear and Tear Normal wear and tear can affect the performance of your furnace, leading to airflow problems, heat control-related issues, or even overheating.

  5. Electrical Problems Electrical issues, including blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, or wiring problems, can prevent the furnace from turning on or functioning properly.

  6. Mechanical Wear Components such as belts and bearings can wear out over time, leading to airflow issues, overheating, or mechanical failure.

  7. Blocked Air Vents or Ducts Blocked or leaky ducts can restrict airflow, reducing the furnace's efficiency and ability to heat the home evenly.

  8. Dirty or Malfunctioning Components Dirty burners, sensors, and other components can reduce efficiency. In some cases, these parts may malfunction, requiring repair or replacement.

Addressing these common problems often starts with regular maintenance, including changing the air filter, checking the thermostat settings, and ensuring vents are open and unblocked. However, for more complex issues like ignition problems, mechanical wear, or electrical faults, it's best to consult a professional HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the furnace safely and effectively.

The most expensive repair on a furnace typically involves replacing the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is a critical component that separates combustion gases from the breathable air inside your home, ensuring safe operation. Over time, heat exchangers can crack due to stress from repeated heating and cooling cycles, corrosion, or poor maintenance. A cracked heat exchanger poses serious safety risks, including the potential for carbon monoxide leaks into your home.

Replacing a heat exchanger is labor-intensive and requires disassembling much of the furnace, which contributes to the high cost. In some cases, depending on the age and condition of the furnace, the cost of replacing the heat exchanger can be comparable to, or even exceed, the cost of installing a new furnace. This is why, when faced with a damaged heat exchanger, homeowners often have to weigh the cost of repair against the benefits of upgrading to a new, more efficient furnace model.

Troubleshooting your furnace can help identify minor issues that you might be able to fix on your own, saving time and possibly the cost of a service call. However, remember that dealing with gas, electricity, and the furnace's internal components can be dangerous. If you're not comfortable performing these steps or if the problem persists, it's best to contact a professional. Here’s a basic troubleshooting guide

  1. Check the Thermostat

    • Ensure it's set to "heat" mode and the temperature setting is higher than the current room temperature.

    • Check if the thermostat requires new batteries if it's battery-operated.

    • Verify that any programmable settings are correctly set to your current needs.

  2. Inspect the Power Supply

    • Ensure the furnace's power switch is turned on. This switch usually looks like a regular light switch and is located near the furnace.

    • Check your home's electrical panel for any tripped breakers or blown fuses that could affect the furnace.

  3. Look at the Furnace Filter

    • A dirty filter can restrict airflow, causing the furnace to run less efficiently or overheat. Check the filter and replace it if it's dirty.

  4. Examine the Air Vents

    • Make sure all vents in the home are open and unblocked to ensure proper air circulation.

  5. Check the Furnace Flame

    • The flame should be blue with possibly a small yellow tip. If it's mostly yellow, or if it looks uneven or weak, the burner may need adjustment or cleaning. (Note: Do not attempt to adjust or clean the burner yourself if you are not experienced with this task.)

  6. Ensure the Gas is On

    • If you have a gas furnace, make sure the gas valve leading to the furnace is open.

  7. Inspect the Condensate Pan

    • If you have a high-efficiency furnace, check the condensate pan and drain line. A clogged drain can cause the furnace to shut down.

  8. Reset the Furnace

    • Locate the furnace switch (it might also be on the furnace itself or on the wall nearby) and turn it off for about a minute. Turn it back on to reset the system. Some furnaces also have a reset button.

  9. Check for Blocked or Leaky Ducts

    • Leaks or blockages in your ductwork can significantly reduce heating efficiency.

  10. Listen for Unusual Noises

    • Strange noises like banging, whining, or squealing can indicate mechanical problems that may need professional attention.

  11. Safety First

    • If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, do not attempt to troubleshoot or repair the furnace yourself. Leave your home immediately and call your gas company from a safe location.

  12. When to Call a Professional

    • If after your initial troubleshooting the furnace still doesn't work correctly, or if you're unsure about any steps, it's time to call a professional. HVAC technicians can safely and efficiently diagnose and repair more complex issues.

Heating your house without a functioning furnace, especially during cold weather, requires creative and safe methods to maintain warmth until the furnace can be repaired. Here are some alternative ways to keep your house warm

  1. Use Electric Space Heaters Portable electric heaters can be a quick way to heat up small areas of your home. Use them in the rooms you're occupying, keeping the doors closed to retain heat. Always follow safety guidelines to prevent fire hazards.

  2. Take Advantage of Solar Heat During the day, open curtains on your south-facing windows to let sunlight in and naturally warm your home. Close the curtains at night to keep the cold out.

  3. Seal Drafts Use weather stripping, door sweeps, or even towels to block drafts under doors and around windows to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

  4. Insulate Windows Apply clear plastic film to the inside of your windows to add an extra layer of insulation. This can significantly reduce heat loss.

  5. Utilize Your Fireplace If you have a wood-burning fireplace, use it to provide additional heat. Ensure the damper is open when in use and closed when not to prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney.

  6. Cook and Bake Using your oven and stove for cooking can add extra warmth to your home. Just be sure to never use a gas oven as a direct heat source or leave it open while on, as it can be a safety hazard.

  7. Use Warm Clothing and Blankets Layering up with warm clothing and using blankets can help maintain body heat and keep you comfortable without central heating.

  8. Close Off Unused Rooms Shut doors to rooms that are not in use to keep the heat concentrated in a smaller area.

  9. Use Rugs and Carpets If you have hardwood or tile floors, using rugs can help insulate the floors and keep your feet warmer.

  10. Exercise Physical activity can help raise your body temperature, making you feel warmer.

  11. Safety First While finding alternative heating methods, prioritize safety to prevent fire hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning. Never use outdoor heating equipment indoors (like barbecues or propane heaters) as they can release deadly carbon monoxide.

  12. Long-Term Solutions Consider investing in insulation, double-glazing for windows, and upgrading to energy-efficient doors and windows for a longer-term solution to heating problems. These improvements can help reduce the need for emergency heating methods in the future.

If your furnace is broken, arrange for a repair as soon as possible to ensure your home remains safe and comfortable during the cold months.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

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Leanne Edwards
Jan 2, 2024

Hands down the best experience and customer service I have received in years. Glyn and Austin came out to help me within a couple of hours of calling for an electrician to figure out why I didn’t have power to my furnace. They were kind and explained every step of the process. I will only use Finan Home Service going forward for all issues that arise in my home. I cannot thank you enough!!

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Dean Johnson
Dec 28, 2023

Finana helped with our furnace when it was causing us issues. The team was extremely flexible and accommodating. The guys who came to help out were absolutely professional and super friendly. The team explained what was going wrong, what my options were, and didn't push or try to sell me anything I didn't need yet. When the time does come (hopefully longer than sooner) to replace my furnace there isn't another company I would even contemplate using.

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Aug 25, 2023

Had Finan come out to fix a broken drainage pipe in our bathroom. Turned out to be a bigger job thanks to the previous homeowner's terrible DIY plumbing skills. Spoke to Sam at the office who very quickly set me up with the right peeps. The guys came out and were able to fix/replace the problem in less than 4 hours. Super friendly and professional. Will recommend to anyone looking for home service. Thanks again.

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Laura Bechard
Jul 31, 2023

Great visit today from Connor and Cole! Friendly, informative, and great quality work and I am hard to please. Update: Had Connor back today to finish up the work. My new kitchen cabinets are going to look great and now the plumbing also looks great and allows for maximum storage under the sink. Quality work from a personable professional! Thank you!

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