In the era of DIY projects and a growing wealth of online “how-to” guides, many homeowners are tempted to handle various house repairs themselves, including electrical work. However, even seemingly straightforward tasks can turn into complex electrical problems if mishandled. We’ll explore the dangers of DIY electrical work and the invaluable benefits of professional assistance, particularly from the highly skilled team at Finan Home Service.

What Could Go Wrong with DIY Electrical Work

Understanding the Risks

Working with electricity is risky. Here are some dangers:

  • Personal Injuries: A shock from electricity can hurt a lot. It can cause nasty burns or stop your heart. Even a simple job like changing the light could hurt you if not done right.
  • Fire Hazards: Improperly installed or bad wiring can start fires. If a circuit has too much load, it can get too hot. This can create a fire that can ruin your home.
  • Code Violations: Each area has rules for electrical work. If you don’t know these rules, you might break them. This can cause trouble with your insurance or when selling your home.


Lack of Expertise

Electrical work is complicated and needs expert knowledge. Without this, problems can happen:

  • Improper Installations: Without proper training, you can make mistakes. For example, you could wire a light switch improperly. This can cause the lights not to work or cause a short circuit.
  • Overlooked Safety Measures: Experts know how to stay safe when working with electricity. If you try to DIY, you might forget to take the necessary safety steps. This can lead to dangerous situations.
  • Compounded Problems: Small mistakes in DIY work can cause more significant problems later. A loose wire might work now, but it could become unstable and dangerous over time.


Real-life Consequences

Many homeowners have faced problems with DIY electrical work. These problems can include:

  • Electrical Faults: Things like outlets sparking or circuits getting overloaded are dangerous. These issues can put you and your home at risk.
  • Costly Repairs: If a DIY project goes wrong, you might need to call an expert to fix it. These repairs can cost more than hiring an expert from the start.
  • Dangerous Living Conditions: Faulty DIY electrical work can make your home unsafe. Stories of DIY work causing house fires show the dangers involved.


Financial Implications of DIY Electrical Work

While DIY projects can sometimes save money upfront, they can often lead to hidden and unexpected costs when it comes to electrical work.

  • Cost of Tools: Electrical work requires specific tools and equipment, many of which the average homeowner doesn’t have. Investing in these tools for a one-time project might be more expensive than hiring a professional.
  • Inefficient Installations: Without professional training, you might install systems that aren’t energy efficient, leading to higher utility bills. Over time, these costs can add up, outweighing any initial savings.
  • Value Decrease: Non-professional work can reduce your home’s value. Suppose you plan to sell your home in the future. In that case, prospective buyers might negotiate lower prices due to the potential safety hazards and additional costs to fix the DIY electrical work.
  • Repairing DIY Mistakes: If a DIY project goes wrong, the cost of hiring a professional to correct the mistakes can be significant. Sometimes, it may cost more than if a professional had done the work from the beginning.

 Common DIY Electrical Mistakes

Taking on DIY electrical work might seem straightforward, but even minor errors can lead to significant problems. Here are some common mistakes DIYers often make:

  • Ignoring Safety Procedures: Many DIYers overlook safety protocols like turning off the electricity at the breaker before starting any electrical work. This can lead to personal injury or damage to electrical components.
  • Incorrect Wiring: From reversing hot and neutral wires to overloading circuits, faulty wiring is a common mistake in DIY electrical work. These errors can cause malfunctioning appliances, tripped breakers, or electrical fires.
  • Improper Grounding: Proper grounding is crucial for preventing electrical shocks. Many DIYers forget this step, leading to a dangerous situation during a short circuit.
  • Disregarding Electrical Codes: Every region has specific electrical codes that must be adhered to for safety. DIYers often ignore these rules, leading to fines and insurance company issues.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can minimize risks. However, hiring a professional like Finan Home Service is the best way to ensure your electrical system is safe and efficient.


The Finan Home Service Solution

Finan Home Service has been serving the residents of London, Ontario, since 1994; founded with a vision of creating a residential service company that prioritizes safety and top-notch service. Over the years, we have expanded our team, honed our skills, and continued to uphold the highest standards in our services, which include electrical installation, repair, compliance certification, and specialized solutions for knob and tube and aluminum wiring.

How Finan Home Service Stands Out

  1. Electrical Installation: When it comes to electrical installations, Finan Home Service combines the latest industry trends with an understanding of the residential market’s unique needs. We ensure that all installations comply with current codes and standards, reducing the risk of future electrical issues.

  2. Electrical Repair: Our approach to electrical repair goes beyond simply fixing the problem. We take the time to thoroughly understand your situation and identify any potential safety hazards, providing solutions that ensure both your immediate and long-term electrical safety.

  3. Expertise with Older Wiring Systems: At Finan Home Service, we are experts in handling older wiring systems such as knob and tube and aluminum wiring. Our electricians are highly trained and knowledgeable, ensuring that any rewiring work maintains the heritage of your home while meeting modern safety standards.

  4. Compliance Certificate: A compliance certificate from Finan Home Service not only ensures your home is safe but also gives you peace of mind. We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home’s electrical system and provide a detailed report of any safety hazards that need attention.

The Benefits of Hiring Finan Home Service

When you hire Finan Home Service, you’re investing in safety, quality, and peace of mind. Our professional service minimizes the risk of electrical hazards, ensuring that your home meets all necessary codes and safety standards. Furthermore, we prioritize your convenience, offering upfront pricing and scheduling appointments to fit your schedule. Our service saves you from potentially high costs associated with DIY electrical mistakes. Real-life testimonials from our clients speak volumes about our commitment to delivering top-tier service.


DIY electrical work can indeed be a dangerous gamble, putting your home and safety at risk. By choosing Finan Home Service, you’re investing in professional, expert service that guarantees your home’s long-term safety and value. Contact us today and experience the peace of mind from knowing your home’s electrical system is in the best hands.


For further inquiries, appointment bookings, or service requests, call (226) 213-3833 or contact us online. Our team is ready to assist you in creating a safe, secure, and compliant home environment.

This post was written by Finan Home Service

June 29, 2023